~fawn /fɔːn/

Hi, i'm fawn! a self-taught software developer with a passion for open source software. My favorite flowers are tulips 🌷.

Where to catch a wild fawn!


My personal projects are scattered all over codeberg and github. Sometimes i like to contribute to other people's projects too!
I love writing tiny pretty programs and re-inventing the wheel :3

fawn/faye (web)
a pretty little lisp ♡ my favorite project! we spent a lot of time making it really good
fawn/tamako (web)
cozy minimalistic anonymous whispers website and a pretty little tui client
terminal dictionary navigator with a colorful output
totp authenticator in a pretty tui
twink/macaron (web)
simple minimalistic toast notifications
fawn/april (web)
file hosting service (pomf clone)


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